Hugh Kieffer

Affiliate Research Scientist
Genoa, NV


Ph.D. Planetary Science, California Institute of Technology, 1968
B.S. Geology, California Institute of Technology, 1961

Hugh Kieffer was faculty in planetary Science at UCLA, then research geophysicist with the USGS Astrogeology group. He was PI of the Viking Infrared Thermal Mapper (IRTM) and has been team member of several other planetary radiometers or spectrometers in the visible through thermal-infrared region. Hugh has been heavily involved in the design of instruments for these and several earth-orbiting and airborne spectral imaging systems (15 total). He was lead author for the Univ. of Arizona book, MARS. He specializes in instrument characterization, thermal modeling of planetary surfaces, Mars annual volatile cycle and climate history, and radiometric characterization of the Moon for calibration purposes. Hugh is a Fellow of the American Geophysical Union. Since 2002, he has served on several NASA/JPL advisory groups and review teams. His dogs take him out for a Sierra hike most days.