Savita Mathur

Research Scientist
Boulder, CO


Ph.D. CEA Saclay (France)

After obtaining an engineering degree in telecommunications in France, I decided to move towards astronomy as it had always been my passion. I did my PhD in helioseismology at the CEA Saclay (France), looking for solar gravity modes, the holy grail of helioseismologists. During that time I tested and calibrated the photodetector of a new instrument dedicated to the search of these modes. I also did solar modelling and data analysis allowing me to participate to the first detection of the signature of gravity modes in the Sun. In 2008, I went to Bangalore as a Chandrashekhar postdoctoral fellow at the Indian Institute of Astrophysics where I developed the A2Z pipeline to analyse the asteroseismic data provided by the Kepler mission. In 2010, I joined the High Altitude Observatory as a postdoc where I worked on the Kepler data. My research interests are mostly in helio- and asteroseismology. This includes the study of the dynamics and the structure of the Sun, solar-like stars, and red giants. At SSI, I am developing a community tool to calibrate the Kepler data and analyse solar-like stars and red giants in order to study their structure, their rotation and their magnetic activity.