Steve Mullins

Deputy Director / Outreach Coordinator
Boulder, CO

As the newest member of the CICLOPS team I have many different job duties from writing/editing captions, coordinating press releases, editing/managing web content for the CICLOPS site, travel planning and many other administrative duties. I grew up in Colorado and went to school at CU Boulder where I studied Biology. I have worked in a variety of science related positions from managing a chemistry lab in Los Angeles, running a fish hatchery for water quality labs, and developing systems for aquaponic farms. I am now really happy to be at SSI on the CICLOPS team learning all that I can about Saturn and our solar system. I am hopelessly addicted to mountain activities and if I am not at work I am probably out climbing, hiking or more recently, biking. I spend most weekends traveling and sleeping in a tent, exploring as many places as possible.