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The Space Science Institute (SSI) is a nonprofit, public benefit 501(c)(3) corporation founded in 1992. SSI has five major branches: Research, Cassini Flight Operations, National Center for Interactive Learning, Business Operations, and Information Systems and Technology (IST). SSI is on the leading edge of creating new, affordable, efficient, and far-reaching models for earth and space science research and science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education. In the coming years, our potential to make science accessible to large numbers of people, including underserved communities, is enormous. The key to our approach is that we offer the full continuum of discovery and education we conduct world-class scientific research and we make it accessible to a broad population. Humans are driven to explore. We are inspired by fundamental questions: Are we alone? Could we live on other planets? How does our amazing planet work? Few things capture our imaginations more than the mysteries of space and the wonders of our own planet. Society benefits from the pursuit of new knowledge: the search for life beyond Earth begins with understanding how our own planet works. The excitement of earth and space science offers a compelling hook for engaging the public in science and inspiring a new generation of innovators. MORE

2015 Board of Directors

Bill Purcell (Chairman), Senior Manager Advanced Systems, Ball Aerospace

Karen Leaffer (Secretary), Managing Partner, Leaffer Law Group

Karly Pitman, (ex officio) Executive Director, Space Science Institute

Ann Goldman, co-founder of Front Range Source

Dick Green, Former President and CEO of CableLabs

Marilyn Johnson, Science Director, Oregon Museum of Science and Industry

Steve Jolly, Systems Engineering Director, Lockheed Martin Corporation

Larry Satkowiak, President and CEO of The Cable Center

Maddie Zeigler, Education Consultant


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