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Carolyn Porco
Director of Flight Operations (CICLOPS) and Cassini Imaging Team Leader

Ph.D. Caltech, 1983

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Dr. Carolyn Porco is the leader of the Cassini Imaging Science team and the Director of the Cassini Imaging Central Laboratory for Operations (CICLOPS) at the Space Science Institute in Boulder, Colorado (http://ciclops.org). She is also an Adjunct Professor in the Department of Astrophysical and Planetary Sciences at the University of Colorado in Boulder. Her specialty is the study of planetary ring and moon interactions, and the study of the geysers on Enceladus. She has appeared frequently on CNN as a guest analyst and consultant on planetary science, and has appeared on TV often in the past explaining science to the layman, including recent appearances on CBS' "60 Minutes", the Emmy-nominated TV documentary "Cosmic Journey: The Voyager Interstellar Mission and Message" on A&E, and many TV programs on Cassini. She was a consultant on the movie 'Contact'. In late 1999, she was selected by the Sunday London Times as one of 18 scientific leaders of the 21st century, and by Industrial Week magazine as one of "50 R&D Stars to Watch".



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