Ahmed Mahjoub

Senior Research Scientist
Pasadena, CA
By way of background, I have a Doctorate in Physics from the University of Paris-sud, France. My PhD dissertation focuses on the study of spectroscopic properties of molecules and aggregates in gas phase. Armed with the skills and knowledge in spectroscopy and molecular physics, I decided to take my research career into a new direction: Astrochemistry and Planetary Sciences. I studied in laboratory astrochemical processes in surfaces of small objects in the solar system as well as planetary atmospheres for nine years in France (UVSQ observatory and University of Paris 12) and in the USA (Jet Propulsion Laboratory). I have an extensive experience and a great interest in studying cosmochemical processes of astrobiology interest in the solar system and beyond. I'm particularly interested in studying the effect of space weathering on the surface of icy bodies: Icy moons, Comets, Kuiper Belt Objects... I'm also interested in organic chemistry in the solar system and applications to prebiotic chemistry and astrobiology.