Alexei Pankin

Affiliate Research Scientist
San Marcos, CA

Alexei joined SSI as a Research Scientist in 2018. Prior to that, he worked at Lehigh University, Tech-X Corporation, Science Application International Corporation, and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. Dr. Pankin has an extensive experience in the fusion energy research. He has a wide-ranging expertise in the tokamak physics including the core and edge plasma transport, extended MHD modeling of large-scale instabilities, and modeling of neutral gas transport, core-edge and edge-wall coupling. Dr. Pankin was involved in the study of many aspects of the theoretical work relevant to the whole device modeling of tokamaks. For a number of years, he is focusing on the integrated aspects of core-edge modeling and the physics of the H-mode pedestal and ELMs. He has contributed to the development, verification and validation of the extended MHD NIMROD code and the integrated modeling codes FACETS, ASTRA, BALDUR, and TRANSP codes.