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SSI routinely works with a variety of contractors, including consultants and subcontractors, on its federal awards. In selecting contractors, SSI follows its federally-mandated Standard Procurement Practices and Subcontracting Plans. These plans are available for public review by contacting Courtney Coe. (A copying fee of $0.30 per page and a labor fee of $10.00 may be applied to such requests.)

In order to issue a contract, the Business Operations branch requires a Statement of Work and budget from the contractor. The Business Operations branch will then issue a contract (or subcontract or subaward) containing standard contract clauses. Although SSI prefers to use its standard contract language, the Business Operations branch is open to negotiations under certain circumstances. Please be aware, however, that the majority of SSI’s standard contract clauses are mandated by the federal government and cannot be altered. Whenever possible, SSI utilizes simplified contracts and procurement procedures to lessen the burden on its contractors.

PIs, Co-Is, and contractors are advised to pay special attention to the provision entitled “Use of U.S. Flag Air Carriers,” which implements the Fly America Act. This requires all individuals using federal funds to travel on domestic air carriers unless the individual falls into one of the narrow exceptions to the Act.

SSI is dedicated to helping its employees, Co-Is, and contractors comply with all applicable regulations in the least burdensome way possible.



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