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Research at SSI must be carried out in an ethical fashion and all research projects with human participants – including E/PO activities – must receive ethical approval before research is commenced. The Institutional Review Board (IRB) is responsible for the administration of research ethics. SSI has one IRB that is responsible for conducting initial and continuing reviews and providing oversight for all research activities involving the use of human subjects.

Unlike many universities and research organizations, SSI does not levy a fee for IRB review; it is a free service for SSI’s researchers and their Co-Is. Furthermore, SSI’s IRB reviews are conducted swiftly and with minimal burden to individual researchers. The full text of SSI’s IRB policy is available to SSI employees on the SSI intranet. It also is available for public review by contacting Courtney Coe. (A copying fee of $0.30 per page and a labor fee of $10.00 may be applied to such requests.)



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