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So You Want to Make a CD-ROM?
  Pompae, S., Morrow, C.A.
  "This document invites would-be CD-ROM producers, such as NASA flight projects, to examine critically their motivations, intentions, and processes associated with science educational CD-ROM development."
The Diversity of Roles for Scientists in K-14 Education and Public Outreach
  Morrow, C.A.
  "It is a misconception to think that participation in K-12 education and public outreach should be left to those few who are especially good at classroom contributions. Scientists bring a diversity of talents, interests, and time commitments to the realm of E/PO and these can be well matched through a more comprehensive consideration of the options for their involvement."
Improving Science Education: The Role of Scientists
  Morrow, C.A. , Bybee, R.W.
  "In this short article, we address one issue about the scientists and educational improvement: How can scientists become involved in pre college science education so their involvement is coordinated, accommodates their interests and talents, and ultimately contributes to educational improvement?"
What are the Similarities between Scientific Research and Science Education Reform?
  Morrow, C.A.
  "Scientists and educators have an opportunity to discover the common ground in the similarities between the way scientists practice science and the ways science education reform is calling upon educators to teach science. Discovering this common ground can be a useful way of focusing the talents and knowledge of scientists in support of science education reform."
Misconceptions Scientists Often Have About the National Science Education Standards
  Morrow, C.A.
  "This paper exposes and addresses seven misconceptions scientists often have about the National Research Council's (NRC's) National Science Education Standards (NSES). ... The misconceptions described here can be addressed effectively through self-study, experience in inquiry-based classrooms, participation in workshops, and in partnerships with expert educators."
Excerpt from "A Framework for Planning Education and Public Outreach Programs Associated with Scientific Research Programs
  Morrow, C.A.
  This paper presents a conceptual framework to support the planning of education and public outreach (E/PO) programs associated with scientific research programs. The framework is based on actual E/PO planning, both for a scientific research institution and for a large NASA flight project.
Scientist Involvement in Education and Public Outreach: Making the Case
  Morrow, C.A.
  This set of presentation slides was prepared by Dr. Cherilynn A. Morrow of the Space Science Institute in Boulder, Colorado, with support from the NASA Office of Space Science, the NASA Education Division, and the NSF Geosciences Directorate.
Education & Public Outreach for Ordinary Planetary Sciences
  Hammel, H.B
  A presentation to the Division for Planetary Sciences by the 2002 Sagan medallist.
The Joy of Solar Physicists in Science Education
  Morrow, C.A.
  An invited plenary talk at the Solar Physics Division meeting. 34th Meeting of the Solar Physics Division Laurel, MD June 2003
Bringing Mars Home: The MarsQuest Online Project
  Harold, J.B
  This paper explores MarsQuest Online, an NSF funded project designed to extend the reach and scope of the MarsQuest traveling exhibit. Presented at Museums and the Web in 2004.



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