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SSI produces exhibit kiosks, online educational activities, and full web sites. We approach our web development projects from the perspective of informal science educators, focusing on interactivity, clear learning goals, and evaluating learning outcomes.

Here are a few examples of our online activities:


Drive a rover based on the NASA Sojourner/Pathfinder mission. Visitors learn that rovers are not driven in real time, but through daily uploads of commands, after which the rover must operate autonomously.

Fly over Mars using actual NASA data, rendered into a 3D environment in real time.


Learn about the States of Matter in a tetris-like game.

Play golf with charged particles in Earth's magnetosphere. Supported by an NSF research supplement, this piece uses research grade algorithms to model the particle motion.

Launch solar events at the Earth. In addition to learning about solar events, this piece accurately displays three separate time scales (solar rotation, earth rotation, and earth revolution).



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