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The Cassini Imaging Central Laboratory for Operations (CICLOPS) is located at SSIís Headquarters Office. CICLOPS is the center for uplink and downlink operations for the imaging science experiment on the Cassini mission to Saturn. All images produced by the two powerful telescopic cameras onboard Cassini (the Imaging Science Subsystem) make their way across more than a billion and a half kilometers (1 billion miles) of space to be archived in databases at CICLOPS and made available to imaging team members across the globe. MORE...


Carolyn Porco Director, Mission Operations, Cassini Imaging Team Leader
Michael Belanger Network / Database Administration / Maintenance
Robert DiDia System Administrator, Programmer, and Webmaster
Steve Mullins Deputy Director/ Outreach Coordinator
Josh Riley Deputy Director & Downlink Operations Technical Lead
Daiana Di Nino Image & Calibration Analyst



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