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SSIís Research Branch scientists (both on-site and off-site) participate in a broad array of space science activities, including earth science, space physics, planetary science, and astrophysics. Our research team's expertise continues to expand, and now encompasses investigations of phenomenon on Earth and the geospace environment surrounding our planet. Our scientists study the atmospheres and surfaces of other bodies in our Solar System as well as explore the early stages of the life cycles of stars and nascent planetary systems around other stars. We also study the mysteries of quasars and other types of distant galaxies. MORE...

Ralph Shuping Director of Research; Planetary Sciences & Astrophysics Portland, OR
Babar Ali Astrophysics Pasadena, CA
Joshua Bandfield Planetary Sciences Boise, ID
Sydney Barnes Astrophysics Flagstaff, AZ
Franz Bauer Astrophysics Brooklyn, NY
Joachim Birn Space Physics Los Alamos, NM
Joe Borovsky Space Physics Los Alamos, NM
Athanasios Boudouridis Space Physics Boulder, CO
Todd Clancy Planetary Sciences Bald Head Island, NC
Ben Clark Planetary Sciences Littleton, CO
Martin Cohen Astrophysics Oakland, CA
Mick Denton Space Physics Los Alamos, NM
Bill Farrand Planetary Sciences Boulder, CO
Peter Gary Space Physics Los Alamos, NM
Melvyn Goldstein Space Physics Ellicott City, MD
Matt Haffner Astrophysics Verona, WI
Heidi Hammel Planetary Sciences Ridgefield, CT
Dean Hines Astrophysics Parkville, MD
Phil James Planetary Sciences Prescott, AZ
Steve Lee Planetary Sciences Boulder, CO
Savita Mathur Astrophysics Boulder, CO
Travis Metcalfe Astrophysics Boulder, CO
Frank Mills Planetary Sciences Canberra, Australia
Colin Mitchell Planetary Sciences Boulder, CO
Luca Montabone Planetary Sciences Greenbelt, MD
Julie Moses Planetary Sciences Seabrook, TX
Yuri Omelchenko Space Physcis San Diego, CA
Alexey Pankine Planetary Sciences Arcadia, CA
Dawn Peterson Astrophysics Waltham, MA
Karly Pitman Planetary Sciences Boulder, CO
John Podesta Space Physics Fort Myers, FL
Peter Porazik Space Physics Princeton, NJ
Carolyn Porco Planetary Sciences Boulder, CO
Erica Rodgers Astrophysics Atchison, KS
Vadim Roytershteyn Space Physics Decator, GA
Brad Sandor Planetary Sciences & Terrestrial Atmospheres Boulder, CO
Mike Sitko Planetary Sciences & Astrophysics Cincinnati, OH
Tracy Smith Planetary Sciences Columbus, OH
Regner Trampedach Astrophysics Boulder, CO
Gorden Videen Planetary Sciences Silver Spring, MD
Channon †Visscher Planetary Sciences Sioux Center, IA
Barb Whitney Astrophysics Madison, WI
Ann Wehrle Astrophysics Pasadena, CA
Mike Wolff Planetary Sciences & Astrophysics Brookfield, WI
Padma Yanamandra-Fisher Planetary Science Rancho Cucomonga, CA



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