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SSIís Research Branch scientists (both on-site and off-site) participate in a broad array of space science activities, including earth science, space physics, planetary science, and astrophysics. Our research team's expertise continues to expand, and now encompasses investigations of phenomenon on Earth and the geospace environment surrounding our planet. Our scientists study the atmospheres and surfaces of other bodies in our Solar System as well as explore the early stages of the life cycles of stars and nascent planetary systems around other stars. We also study the mysteries of quasars and other types of distant galaxies.

SSI researchers are closely connected to the operations of current astrophysical space facilities such as the SOFIA airborne observatory, and the Kepler, Spitzer, and Hubble Space Telescopes. Closer to home, several SSI researchers focus on Mars research through active participation in the ongoing Mars Exploration Rovers and Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter missions, as well as the Mars Curiosity Rover mission that began with a successful landing in August, 2012. SSIís off-site and on-site researchers form a network of naturally entrepreneurial scientists who support themselves through a mixture of grants and contracts. Our organization and infrastructure allow for dynamic, collaborative efforts among individuals in fields of research that are typically separated in academic institutions. In this spirit, we continue to search out options for new and creative opportunities to increase the health and vitality of our Research Branch.

The Off-Site Research Option
SSI has been a pioneer in remote employment, a mode that has been particularly conducive to our researchers for whom the traditional university or research center is not a viable option. The long-distance nature of most scientific collaborative research lends itself well to the option of remote employment. Access to significant computational resources no longer requires large institutional support. Furthermore, most academic journals and professional proceedings are fully accessible through digital subscriptions, greatly mitigating the need for institutional libraries. Instrument development, which does require significant institutional support, can be done in collaboration with local facilities such as those at Lockheed Martin Corporation and Ball Aerospace and Technologies Corporation.

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