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Assessing Variability of Dusty Galactic and Magellanic WRS and Seeking MIR Mass-Loss Nebulae (PI Martin Cohen)
Spitzer/IRS Observations of Uranus at Equinox (PI Dean Hines)
Unveil the Nature of Post-Starburst Quasars (PI Dean Hines)
Herschel Basic Research (PI Di Li)
HIFI Observations of the C180 and C170 J=5-4 to 15-14 Transitions in Hot Cores: A Direct Method to Obtain Total Column Densities (PI Di Li)
IR Wind Excesses in  Magellanic O Stars (PI Derck Massa)
Flux Calibration of the COS FUV Modes (PI Derck Massa)
The Origin of Wind Variability in CSPNe and its Connection to OB Star Wind Variability (PI Derck Massa)
The UV Through IR Extinction in the Local Interstellar Medium (PI Derck Massa)
Asteroseismic Tools and Analysis of Solar-Like Oscillations in Archival Kepler Data (PI Savita Mathur)
Asteroseismic Properties of Exoplanet Host Stars from Archival Kepler Data (PI Travis Metcalfe)
Probing the Early Evolution of Dust Grains Through Detailed YSO Models (PI Erica Rodgers Heusinkveld)
SOFIA Research Grant (PI Ralph Shuping)
SOFIA General Investigator Award (PI Ralph Shuping)
USRA/SOFIA (PI Ralph Shuping)
Crossing the Snow Line: Mapping Ice Photodesorption Products in the Disks of Herbig Ae-Fe Stars (PI Michael Sitko)
Observations and Extended Observations of Flaring BL Lac in Oct - Nov 2012 and Nov 2012 - Feb 2013 (PI Ann Wehrle)
Diffuse Ionized Gas in Galactic Halos: Multiwavelength Studies of the Milky Way and Magellanic System with WHAM-South (PI Barbara Whitney)
GLIMPSE 360: Completing the Spitzer Galactic Plane Survey (PI Barbara Whitney)
Herschel Inventory of the Agents of Galaxy Evolution (HERITAGE) in the Magellanic Clouds (PI Barbara Whitney)

Planetary Science

Herschel OT1, PIDs GT1_rvavrek_1 and OT1_ncalvet (PI Babar Ali)
Integrated Analyses of Martian Surface Compositions Using Near-Infrared through Thermal Infrared Spectroscopic Data (PI Joshua Bandfield)
Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Diviner Lunar Radiometer Experiment (Phase E) (PI Joshua Bandfield)
Mars Odyssey Thermal Emission Imaging (PI Joshua Bandfield)
Analysis of 02 Singlet Delta Measurements from MRO CRISM Spectra (PI Robert Clancy)
CRISM Program (PI Robert Clancy)
MARCI/CTX Phase E (PI Robert Clancy)
Ozone/Aerosol Ultraviolet Studies in Support of NOMAD Observations (NOMAD) (PI Robert Clancy)
ChemCam for MSL (PI Benton Clark)
Mars 2020 Rover PIXL Investigation (PI Benton Clark)
Mars Exploration Rover (MER) Science Investigation (PI Benton Clark)
OSIRIS REx (PI Benton Clark)
Survival and Reproduction of Mircroorganisms Under Extreme Martian Chemical Conditions (PI Benton Clark)
Field and Laboratory Studies of Hydrovolcanic Tephras and Impact Ejecta: Applications to Mars Rover Investigations (PI William Farrand)
Hyperspectral Mapping of the Iron-Bearing Minerals Associated with Dry and Ephemeral Lakes (PI William Farrand)
Major and Minor Components of the Surface Layer of Mars: An Investigation Using the MER Pancam and mini-TES Instruments (PI William Farrand)
Saturn's Narrow Eccentric Ringlets (PI Joseph Hahn)
Behavior of CO2 Surface Deposits in the Residual South Polar Cap of Mars (PI Philip James)
MARCI CTX (PI Philip James)
MARCI CTX Phase E (PI Steven Lee)
Building a Multiannual Reanalysis of Satellite Meteorological Observations for the Study of Martian Atmospheric Variability (PI Luca Montabone)
Chemsitry in the Outer Solar System: Ice-Giant Seasonal Variations (PI Julianne Moses)
Constraining Interplanetary Dust Grain Fluxes to the Atmospheres of the Giant Planets and Titan (PI Julianne Moses)
Disequilibrium Chemistry on Extrasolar Giant Planets: Carbon, Nitrogen, and Oxygen (PI Julianne Moses)
Stratospheric Hazes on Jupiter and Saturn: A Comprehensive View from Observation and Modeling (PI Julianne Moses)
Tropospheric Chemistry and Aerosol Formation on Jupiter and Saturn (PI Julianne Moses)
Analysis of the MGS TES Calibration Error (PI Alexey Pankine)
Martian Diurnal Water Cycle from MGS TES Observations (PI Alexey Pankine)
Variability of the Atmospheric Water Vapor in the Martian Atmosphere from MEX PFS/LW Observations (PI Alexey Pankine)
Analysis of Photochemical Variability in the Venus Mesosphere and Lower Thermosphere (PI Brad Sandor)
Chemistry and Dynamics of the Venus Middle Atmosphere (PI Brad Sandor)
Observational Investigation of Dynamical and Photochemical Variability in the Venus Middle Atmosphere (PI Brad Sandor)
Observational Investigation of Dynamical and Photochemical Variability in the Venus Middle Atmosphere (PI Brad Sandor)
Accessing the Potential of Asteroseismology with Kelper Using Realistic 3D Simulations of Stellar Convection (PI Regner Trampedach)
Imaging Polarimetry of the 2013 Comet ISON with ACS: A Pre=Perihelion Study of the Heterogeneous Coma (PI Gorden Videen)
Imaging Polarimetry of the 2013 Comet ISON with ACS: A Study of Heterogeneous Coma (PI Gorden Videen)
Optical Properties of Heterogeneous Particles (PI Gorden Videen)
Polarimetric and Photometric Phase Effects of Asteroids and Transneptunian Objects (PI Gorden Videen)
Retreiving Physical Properties of Subvisual Clouds with a Synergy of Glory and CALIPSO Measurements (PI Gorden Videen)
Aerosol Studies and the Boundary Layer: Things Are Looking Up (PI Michael Wolff)
Development of Limb-Scattering Radiative Transfer Models for Mars Remote Sensing and Data Assimilation (PI Michael Wolff)
Grains in the Deep Impact Ejecta at Early Stages (PI Michael Wolff)
MARCI CTX Phase E (PI Michael Wolff)
Martian Polar Water Ice Cloud and Dust Aerosol Mapping (PI Michael Wolff)
Refractive Indices for Martian Remote Sensing and Extended Boundary Condition Method Modeling for Surface Reflectance Analysis (PI Michael Wolff)
Comet Integrated Observing Campaign (CIOC) for C/2013 A1 (PI Padmavati Yanamandra-Fisher)
Rosetta Coordinator of Amateur Ground-Based Observing Campaign (PI Padmavati Yanamandra-Fisher)
Tracking Variability in Jupiter's Atmopshere: Context for the JUNO Mission (PI Padmavati Yanamandra-Fisher)
Tracking Variability in Saturn's Atmosphere: Support for the Cassini Atmospheric Investigation (PI Padmavati Yanamandra-Fisher)

Space Physics

Dipolarization and Particle Acceleration at Substorm Onset (PI Joachim Birn)
Integral Constraints and Local Non-MHD Effects in Large-Scale Magnetospheric Transport (PI Joachim Birn)
Modeling Magnetic Reconnection and Particle Acceleration in the Magnetotail and at the Magnetopause (PI Joachim Birn)
Self Consistent Cross-Energy Coupling of the Inner Magnetosphere (PI Joachim Birn)
Competing Pathways of Radiation Belt Responses to Solar Interplanetary Structures (PI Joseph Borovsky)
GEM: Investigation of Plasmasphere-Magnetosphere Dynamics (PI Joseph Borovsky)
Investigating the Impact of Wind Shears on the Magnetosphere-Ionosphere (PI Joseph Borovsky)
New Techniques for Interpreting Physical Structures and Turbulence in the Solar Wind (PI Joseph Borovsky)
A Comparison of Conjugate Auroral Electrojet Indices (PI Athanasios Boudouridis)
Modes of Interaction of Solar Wind Dynamic Pressure with the Earth's High-Latitude Ionosphere (PI Athanasios Boudouridis)
Renewal of the South American Meridional B-field Array (SAMBA): An American-Chilean Magnetometer Chain (PI Athanasios Boudouridis)
3D Kinetic Simulations of Whistler Turbulence on a Parallel Supercoomputer (PI Stephen Gary)
GEM: An Integrated Study of Fast Magnetosonic Waves in the Radiation Belts (PI Stephen Gary)
Effect of the Magnetic Shear on Solar Wind/Magnetosphere Coupling (PI Ari Le)
Investigation of Solar Wind Fluctuations and Processes at MHD and Kinetic Scales Using Wavelet Techniques (PI John Podesta)
SHINE: Observations and Analysis of Kinetic Dissipation Processes in the Solar Wind (PI John Podesta)
Cross Scale Regulation of Energy Transport - From Large Scale Dynamics to Dissipation, a Grand Challenge Problem in Heliophysics (PI Vadim Roytershteyn)
Multiscale Investigation of the Energetic Particle Behavior in the Vicinity of the Heliopause (PI Vadim Roytershteyn)
NASA - Realistic Anisotropic Turbulence for Modeling Energetic Particle Scattering in the Heliosphere (PI Vadim Roytershteyn)
Understanding of Magnetopause Reconnection through Recent Advances in Observations and Simulations (PI Vadim Roytershteyn)



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