Libraries Hosting Eclipse Events

Since it was announced that public libraries were distributing free eclipse glasses, they have been overwhelmed with requests via email, phone and in-person. Most libraries have already given away their allotment of glasses. For those libraries that still have eclipse glasses, please be aware that these are intended for their eclipse programming events ONLY and not for general distribution to the public.

If your local library has run out of glasses, please click here to view a list of reputable vendors that may still be selling them. For kid-friendly ways to view the solar eclipse without the use of eclipse glasses, please visit our STEM Activity Clearinghouse for a variety of indirect viewing activities.

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Please use the following credit if you plan to download the map: "This map shows the location of libraries hosting eclipse events in the August 21, 2017 eclipse. Credit: STAR_Net's NASA@ My Library initiative, Space Science Institute, the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, NASA, and Google."

We have distributed over 2 million free eclipse glasses and 4,000 education kits to over 7,000 library locations (public libraries, state libraries, book mobiles, tribal libraries). This represents nearly one half of all libraries in the country. To find a library in your area, zoom in on the interactive map above... then click on a drop pin for contact information.

Solar Vision App: Explore the Sun's features and see current solar images courtesy of NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory. Get a preview of what you'll see in a total solar eclipse!


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