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Ways to Support the Space Science Institute

Our vision is worth supporting:

The Space Science Institute is a thriving center of talented, entrepreneurial scientists, educators, and other professionals who make outstanding contributions to humankind’s understanding and appreciation of planet Earth, the Solar System, the galaxy and beyond.

Excite…Explore….Discover….Our researchers explore the interconnected earth system, the planets in our solar system, and star forming regions in our galaxy. We are on a journey of exploration to answer the question, Are we alone? Our educators use this knowledge to excite and inspire the next generation of space explorers. When you contribute to SSI you help to continue a tradition of scientific education programs that reach millions of teachers, parents and children each year.

A contribution to SSI is an investment in our nation's greatest resource - our children and their education or you could support one or more of our research programs. Your contribution allows the Space Science Institute to complement existing funding and to leverage the additional funding required to meet our ambitious organizational goals.

— SSI is a tax exempt nonprofit organization, so your gift is tax deductible.

Support the Institute as a whole or select a program of interest to you. Large or small, your gift helps the Institute continue its legacy as a premier research and education organization. Sometimes gifts are used to develop innovative programming. And sometimes they simply go into a general fund. That's up to you!

Planned Gifts
Designed for benefactors who wish to donate large gifts that require an additional amount of planning, such as bequests, retirement plans, life insurance, stocks, trusts, and estates. By including the Institute in your gift plans, you can help to support our vision of bringing cutting edge science to the public.

Corporate Support
Learn how corporations can partner with the Institute and gain benefits for their employees and clients. The Space Science Institute is a highly collaborative institution that works closely with members of the Colorado business community to provide the finest science education resources in the region and nation. We invite you to join us as we make science learning informative, fun, and memorable, educating millions about the universe we live in.

Foundation Support
Grant-awarding foundations with priorities similar to the Institute’s can accomplish their community objectives through the Institute's programs and services.

Commonly requested information about the Museum, including our IRS tax letter, audited financial statements, budgets, board list, 990 tax return, anti-discrimination statements, and annual report, may be obtained from the Grants/Sponsorship Office.

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the Space Science Institute, contact

Courtney Stanton at 720-974-5867



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