Bala Poduval

Affiliate Research Scientist
Boulder, CO

Bala's primary research interest are Space Weather predictions using physics-based/empirical models and Machine Learning techniques.

Bala earned her Ph. D. in Physics from the University of Kerala, India. After a few postdoctoral positions in Taiwan, Mexico City, Bell Labs and NJIT where she carried out studies on Local Helioseismology, Solar Wind, Solar Radio Bursts and Microflares, she joined Stanford University in 2002 to work on Space Weather Prediction and related topics.

Bala moved to Boulder in 2011 to join Southwest Research Institute where she worked on modeling and extraction of on-orbit point spread functions for the SDO/AIA telescopes and computer vision. She participated in the NASA Frontier Development Lab 2017 as a member of the Solar Terrestrial Interactions team. She is currently a Scientist at Computational Physics Inc., Boulder.

Bala became an affiliate of SSI in 2011 and continues till present. She lives in Boulder, CO, with her family.