William (Bill) Reach

Senior Research Scientist
Redwood City, CA
William (Bill) Reach is an expert on studies of infrared emission from Solar System, including the zodiacal light, comets, and the Moon. He is also an astrophysicist with studies of the diffuse interstellar medium, supernova remnants, and cosmic backgrounds. He wanted to be an astronomer since he was 5 years old (no joke) and followed a formative path from interning at Fernbank Planetarium and Georgia State University, got a bachelor's in Physics at Cornell University, and PhD in astronomy at University of California Berkeley, followed by postdocs at NASA Goddard and at the University of Paris. His two career positions were at Caltech, where he led teams on the NASA Spitzer space telescope and ESA Planck observatory, and at the Universities Space Research Association, where he was an Associate Director on the Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy (which completed its mission and is closing out in 2023). After many years of management, he is now refocusing on fundamental research.