SSI's Business Operations branch provides the infrastructure that allows SSI to carry out its day-to-day tasks; implement, conduct, and complete its research and educational projects; and achieve organizational goals and missions. The Business Operations branch strives to provide a high level of support to its internal and external customers by providing quality services and work products, creating an efficient working environment, and fostering effective communications across SSI. Some of the areas of expertise within the branch include, but are not limited to: Payroll & Benefits, Grants & Contracts, Finance & Budgeting, Record Keeping, HR, and general Administration.

SSI routinely works with a variety of contractors, including consultants and subcontractors, on its federal awards. In selecting contractors, SSI follows its federally-mandated Standard Procurement Practices and Subcontracting Plans.

In order to issue any type of Agreement, the Business Operations branch requires a completed Subrecipient Form, a Statement of Work, a budget, and a budget justification from the potential contractor. Upon review of that information, if all is allowable and approved by the funding agency, SSI will then issue an Agreement containing required flow down language, in addition to its own standard contractual language. Although SSI prefers to use its standard contract language, SSI is open to negotiations when legally necessary (such as for governmental organizations, etc.). Please be aware, however, that the majority of SSI's standard contract clauses are mandated by the federal government and cannot be altered.

Unless otherwise specified, SSI pays its contractors within 30 days of receipt of an acceptable invoice with full back-up detail, as necessary.

In order to receive payment, Contractor shall submit signed monthly invoices for allowable costs and payments to SSI via email to using a pre-approved invoicing template such as the SSI Sample Invoice or, in hard-copy triplicate to the following address:

Space Science Institute
4750 Walnut Street, Suite 205
Boulder, Colorado 80301
Attn: Accounts Payable

Invoices shall include a description of work in sufficient detail to justify costs, dates the work was performed, the SSI agreement number, amount of the invoice, amount invoiced to date, and shall contain a certification stating that the costs are accurate and correct. Any costs other than labor and indirect shall also be accompanied by sufficient back-up as to verify allowability of expenses.

Any delay in submission of sufficient back-up documentation when requested will result in a possible delay of payment until such time as SSI can accurately verify the allowability of costs incurred by Contractor.

SSI welcomes Co-Investigators ("Co-Is") on its research and E/PO proposals and awards. If you would like to join a proposal as a Co-I, SSI will need a current curriculum vitae, statement of current and pending support, and letter of commitment. Other documents may also be required, so please consult with SSI’s Principal Investigator. The Business Operations branch is dedicated to making the proposal process as smooth and simple as possible. Once an award is made, the Business Operations branch will issue a Subaward to each Co-I to allow for their work/participation on the project, as proposed.


Carl Wuth

Director, Business Operations

Ria Barrows

Human Resources Administrator

Cobi Blackburn

Budget Specialist

Chris Eyler

Grants & Contracts Administrator

Mary French

Financial Coordinator

Jennifer Griest

General Counsel, Legal and Policy Specialist

Helen Lee

Senior Accountant