Daniel Lo

Affiliate Research Scientist
Ann Arbor, MI

Daniel Lo is a planetary scientist who studies terrestrial planetary bodies in our solar system. Specifically, Daniel's research includes atmospheric composition, photochemistry, climate evolution, thermal tides, clouds, dune migration, and waterfall erosion. Daniel is particularly active in the exploration of Mars, through his involvement with the MAVEN and Mars Science Laboratory (Curiosity) missions. In general, Daniel uses spacecraft observations and theoretical models to characterize atmospheres and surfaces, and to understand the physical and chemical processes that are or were active in the atmosphere, on the surface, and at the atmosphere-surface interface.

Daniel graduated with a Bachelor of Science with a double major in Physics and Planetary Science from the California Institute of Technology in 2014. Subsequently, he moved to the University of Arizona, where he obtained his Ph.D. in Planetary Sciences at the Lunar and Planetary Laboratory in 2021. He then became a Research Fellow at the University of Michigan. Daniel joined SSI in 2023.