Karl Kappler

Research Scientist
Kensington, CA
Karl is interested in the global electric circuit - especially spatial and temporal structure of Ultra Low Frequency magnetic fields, and their relationship to both Earth and space-based processes, and the structure and composition of the Earth. He is an expert in electromagnetic (EM) data processing for remote sensing with instrument arrays. He has a background in physics and mathematics with emphasis on signal processing, and interests in noise suppression and pattern recognition. In 2011 he left a postdoc working on EM instrumentation to pursue an "industrial postdoc" to see how skills from the university and lab translated. Somehow, 3 years turned into 5, 10 and counting, with experience gained in mineral, hydrocarbon and geothermal investigations. While Karl's background is mostly in EM, he knows enough to be dangerous in acoustics. In his spare time Karl contributes to the python open-source community, and enjoys hiking, traveling, and wind-powered sports.