Windsor Morgan

Professor of Physics and Astronomy, Dickinson College in Carlisle, PA
Director, Dickinson's Charles M. Kanev Planetarium

Professor Windsor Morgan is an associate professor of physics and astronomy at Dickinson College in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. He is also the director of Dickinson's Charles M. Kanev Planetarium.

Professor Morgan, who works in the field of astronomy education research, is the co-author of "VPython for Introductory Mechanics", a book with activities to incorporate computer programming in introductory physics, and "Teaching OpenStax Astronomy with Peer Instruction: Implementing Think-Pair-Share for Intellectual Engagement", a book helping introductory astronomy instructors use think-pair-share questions to enhance student learning.

Morgan earned his bachelor's degree in astronomy and astrophysics from Harvard College and his Ph.D. degree in astronomy and astrophysics from the Pennsylvania State University. His work has been funded by NASA and the National Science Foundation.