A Message on SSI's Commitment to Diversity

Recent events have sent shock waves through the communities we serve and have put a spotlight on injustices that will no longer be tolerated. To those who are suffering, and especially the families of the victims of police brutality, we stand alongside you in protest. Changes need to happen so that Black people and all people of color can be afforded dignity, safety, and the ability to thrive, not just survive. Equity, diversity, and inclusion are core values of Space Science Institute's nonprofit mission, and our members are working toward change in these areas both in their work and private lives. Education and learning are at the forefront of our mission, and we firmly believe that listening to and working with communities, not speaking for them, is the first step to bring about change and will allow for more understanding and awareness. We are listening, learning, and working on how we can be better partners to all communities of color and taking action through our informal education platforms to support historically underserved communities. Our partners have shared with us the challenges they have faced, and we look forward to continuing this dialogue. Space Science Institute is actively working to combat systemic bias and racism, consistent with the guidelines of our funders and professional societies, to ensure that everyone has access to opportunities in STEM, and we will continue to carry these messages through our programming and partnerships. Difficult times such as these can serve as catalysts for important change, and working together, we can help to shape a better future for everyone.